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St Pancrace

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A family run Sanctuary for UK retired Police Horses in France.  Saving just one horse will not change the world but surely it will change the world for that one horse

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Why we care for these horses and how you can help.


We constantly have to tell people that the Police do not provide any money, to help these magnificent animals in their, sometimes enforced, retirement.  Some of our residents will have worked on the UK's city streets for 16 years or more.  They surely deserve a safe and secure home for the rest of their lives.         

We are often asked the question of why we would want to help these horses and other than replying that we are slightly mad, to quote the anthropologist Desmond Morris: 

If a dog is man’s best friend, then the horse could be described as man’s best slave. For thousands of years horses have been ruthlessly driven into the centre of bloody battle fields, where they have been hacked and blown to pieces. For centuries they have toiled to drag heavy loads in the service of human ambition and then been rewarded at the end of their days with a trip to the knacker’s yard

To us, the Police horse is the modern equivalent of a war horse.  When you see these gentle giants patrolling the streets, or controlling the crowds at a football match, we often forget that on occasions they are driven into a bloody conflict, where they and their riders can suffer serious injury, as highlighted by the dreadful summer riots in 2011.  The horse's nature is to flee and not fight and will only go into a riot situation because of the trust he has in the human on his back.  This, for us, makes them special and deserving of more than a trip to the knacker's yard.

Why we need your help

These big horses have big appetites.  Not only do they eat massive amounts of grass and hay, they also need special food, containing different types of cereals and high fibre.  A visit from the farrier every four to six weeks is needed and of course with the older animals, frequent visits from the vet.  All the money from our gite holiday business goes into the horses' upkeep, but it is never quite enough.

What you can do to help

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100% of any profit from money raised, goes directly towards the cost of our hay and hard food bill and all donations, however small, are always very gratefully received.