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St Pancrace

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A family run Sanctuary for UK retired Police Horses in France.  Saving just one horse will not change the world but surely it will change the world for that one horse

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Alison Phillips


 Johnny with a little visitor

Johnny with a little visitor

We have had a few sleepless nights recently regarding Johnny and his on-going problems.  He has what is commonly called the Shivers, a neurological condition and stringhalt.  The vet put him onto quite a high dosage of painkillers and inflammatory drugs which worked their magic.  After a few days of being stabled and missing his companions, we felt the time had come to put him back out into the paddocks.  Well the first thing he did was find the biggest patch of mud and roll, making lovely happy noises and then trotted off to see all his chums.  He was so pleased to see them, not sure that they were so excited.  Today he is not limping thank goodness and so we will see what this week brings.  

Now a few days on and fingers crossed, he seems so much better, what a relief for everyone concerned especially Flo who came in today as our regular volunteer to groom and cuddle him (he is her favourite).  Also being pampered today was Comic, Copperfield and Walter - who is a grand age and is still going strong.  Below is a lovely picture of Johnny with a little visitor.

 Matthew & Northavon

Matthew & Northavon

We started the new year off with colds, so not such happy times at La Grange, thankfully all better now.  The weather was good but very cold so all the boys and girls are being brought into the stables every night at 4 0'clock, given a big meal with copious amounts of hay and then more hay again at 11pm.  In the morning they are given a big breakfast, have their rugs put on and put out into the fields for the day to do what horses do - eat grass.  There is a theme here, a lot of eating!!!!!

Matthew has decided he has a new friend although Northavon will always be his one and only.  Caramel a small furry Shetland pony and he play all day, sounds strange doesn't it, a big rangy, clumsy horse and a very small sure footed pony but they have struck up a strange friendship which involves them chasing each other around the field and Caramel then stopping to rear up in front of Matthew who then appears to nuzzle him - wonderful to see and will keep Matthew who is now the grand age of 27 young we hope.



We have had a request from a French lady who has a holiday home nearby and was here with her family over the New Year period.  She has owned a female donkey for 20 years and thinks this donkey must be somewhere around 25 years old.  When they are not here, a gentleman farmer in a nearby village looks after her, but he is selling his farm to be able to travel more and now doesn't want to look after this donkey.  Is there any kind person out there willing to take this lovely, calm elderly animal on and give her a good home.  She has been on her own for many years (which is sad as donkeys are herd animals) but she obviously doesn't know any different so could continue to be on her own as long as she has a lot of contact with her new owner.  If anyone would be interested please email through this website or telephone and I can liaise with the owner. 






If anyone would like a calendar these are still for sale.  They were on sale for 10 Euros now discounted to 6.50 euros or £5.00 plus PP






2014 Christmas Fayre

 Johnny looking good in his Christmas hat

Johnny looking good in his Christmas hat

These wonderful animals, who have given so much cannot speak for themselves but on their behalf we would like to thank the hundreds of visitors who attended our annual Christmas Fair at La Grange yesterday 7th December 2014.

The event raised just over 2000 Euros which will help to keep the horses and their friends through the coming winter months. 

A small amount from Santa's Grotto and Children's Games will be donated to the local schools of Villars and Quinsac

We would like to thank the volunteers that worked tirelessly before the event and on the day, without you we could not do all things that we do to raise the much need funds, you all deserve a massive pat on the back and probably a huge rest. 

A special Thank You to Papa Noel who arrived by carriage from the North Pole via the car park of St Pancrace. His carriage was driven by Paula Liddon and pulled by her wonderful horse Indie who was rescued from a meat farm.

We must mention the contribution made by our twenty one stall holders who were all in the Christmas Spirit, their beautiful ware many of them hand crafted made a fantastic display in our Marche de Noel Marquee. We are especially thankful for the prizes they donated to the Tombola and the forth coming Auction on our January Comedy Night

We are so pleased that the weather was dry but cold with the occasional glimpse of sunshine, this meant that people were able to visit and enjoy their day with us. Plenty of Pork Baguettes with apple sauce and stuffing were consumed along with 40 litres of Mulled Wine with Mince Pies or Homemade Cake.

The Children all enjoyed a visit from Father Christmas and they all got a chance to visit him in his very authentic Grotto where they received a present. 

We were very honoured to have some wonderful entertainment for the day which started off with Sandy Bailey welcoming Father Christmas up the drive and then followed on with some jolly Christmas songs. After lunch we were entertained by the wonderful Amal'Gamme French Choir which was organised by Brenda Henderson. 

There was lots to enjoy and pictures of the day can be found in our Gallery

We have adoption packs for some of our animals which make interesting birthday presents - priced at 15 euros if you live in France 20 euros if you want it sent elsewhere.  click here to see more information


This week we have had a visit from Gareth our Bare Food Farrier.  Lewis, Johnny, Copperfield and Bella all received his special knowledge and expertise.  Johnny really benefits from his care as he has lots of problems with his feet and legs but always feels so much more comfortable after his pedicure!.


Thank you to all those that came to our Curry and Quiz Night last Friday (November 7th), it was a wonderful night filled with mind boggling questions, laughter and spicy curry. We raised on the evening 800 Euros which is to go towards the horses Dentist bill. Thank you again and we are now planning the next Quiz Night for the New Year. 

 Click here to see pictures from the evening