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St Pancrace

0033 (0)553058680

A family run Sanctuary for UK retired Police Horses in France.  Saving just one horse will not change the world but surely it will change the world for that one horse

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Your memberships aids us in becoming a legitimate Association and enables us to work with our French hosts.


Brantôme Police Horses is a French registered charitable association, run solely on donations and support from the public. Virtually all our staff are voluntary and we attempt to keep our administration costs to an absolute minimum, so that all funding can go directly towards the upkeep of the horses.

Which is why your membership is so incredibly important to us. As members, you are the association and your support and opinions really do count and because of this, we make sure that we do everything that we can to recognise your importance.

Membership Includes:

  • A unique membership card

  • Addition to the Member's Only emailing list

  • Annual Newsletter

  • Priority booking on all events

  • Notification of all forthcoming Member Only events, including our Summer Ball

  • Discount on event tickets

  • Invitation to the AGM

  • Copies of the annual reports and accounts, upon request

Your views and opinions on what we do and how we do it, are really important to us and are always given serious consideration.

Annual Membership Fees

€10.00/£10.00 - Individual

€15.00/£15.00 - Family

€100/£100 - Lifetime Membership

100% of profits from all donations received go directly towards the cost of looking after the horses.

Application for Membership

The Membership Form can be completed and submitted online, with payment made via PayPal, or if preferred, you can print a paper copy of the form and post it in to us, along with a cheque payment.

Online Membership Form

Printable Membership Form

Printed forms should be sent to:

La Grange
24530 St Pancrace

Euro cheque payments to be made out to:


Pound Sterling cheque payments to be made out to: 


For payments by PayPal, the payment address to use is:

*Please note, if making payment via PayPal, we do charge an additional €2/£2, to cover PayPal's processing fees.